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It Was All Because of COVID-19

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic had many consequences many of which were and still are heartbreaking and mind-blowing. Everyone has been touched in one way or another, whether a loved one, friend or acquaintance that was taken too soon or adversely affected. The COVID pandemic has had other unintended effects for some of us. One such effect for our family was the time to become retrospective in the way in which we live and the footprint that we are leaving. The Lord was very clear to us and letting us know that we need to be better stewards not just financially but with other land and in all aspects of our life. It was then that we moved forward with starting a large garden, and as usual we made it a family affair.

We were so blessed to have the help of an expert agriculture consultant to help us decide what type of soil we had and if we should grow in our soil or create raised beds. One thing that I would definitely suggest consulting with an agriculture expert whether it is a Master Gardener, your university agriculture extension program, or a business that you find on Facebook Marketplace or the internet. You can never have too much information. The more information you have, the better you can make your decisions.

We have majority clay soil and nothing grows in that. So we went to work on making our beds. We ended up with 12 beds. We built our compost bin, installed our rain barrels and erected our fence to keep our furry neighbors out. The experience was so therapeutic in a time when a lot was uncertain. It was really our first giant step in getting back to the basics. As a result we now have Grow-up Herbs.

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